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Healthy Summit Speakers


“Effects of Unhealthy Lifestyles on the Economy and Overall Wellness of the Child.”

Dr. Miranda Terry, PhD

Objectives:  (1) identify the economic consequences of obesity and poor nutrition  among children;  (2) identify the health consequences of obesity and poor nutrition  among children; and  (3) develop ways to address obesity and poor nutrition among children  in their communities

"Wellness Polices across Kentucky and what they are acheiving"
Stephanie Bunge, M.Ed., CHES. School Health Consultant, KDE  & Nicole Barber-Culp, BA; School Health Program Coordinator, KDPH

Objectives:  (1) Overview of the WSCC Model and Resource for Implementation.   (2) Developing an effective School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
  (3) Evidence-Based Tools to Assess the School Health Environment   (4) Identifying Opportunities and Connections in State and Federal guidelines for your school health work

“Power of Play”
Traneisha English Program Manager-TeamUp PlayworksIN

Objectives:  (1) Verbalize how play contributes to healthy youth development and positive school climate.   (2) Apply best practices for facilitating healthy play at their school. (3) Identify games and strategies for implementing play at their school.

Playworks Presentation


“The First 1,000 days - Prenatal to 2 years”
Amy Vaughn, MS, RDN, LD, Murray Head Start & Whitney Pile, RN, BSN, Murray Head Start

Objectives:  (1) Audience will be able to identify the three crucial stages during the first 1,000 days of life.  (2) Audience will be able to understand the importance nutrition plays during each stage for brain development.  (3) Audience will be able to list the risk factors that impact a child’s development, both in utero as well as after birth

“Hydroponics: from the classroom to the cafeteria”
Dana Myrick & Jennifer Beyer, McNabb Elementary, Paducah City Schools

Objectives:  (1) Participants will learn the process of getting the vegetables from the classroom to the lunch line.

"Project Pomona – Planting hope and Nutrition in communities"
Bryant Hileman, Executive Director, Project Pomona

Objectives:  (1) Participants will learn one of the ways to reduce food insecurity in a sustainable way.

"Kids in the Kitchen: 4-H Cooking Club"
Cynthia Turner, MAHS, CHES; 4RBH, McCracken County 4-H cooking club leader

Objectives:  (1) Participants will receive a brief overview and history of the McCracken County 4-H Cooking Club.
  (2) Participants will learn the benefits of having a child participate in the cooking club (team building, communication skills, friendship building, cooking skills, etc.)   (3) Participants will learn the requirements to have a child participate in the cooking club.
  (4) Participants will know who to contact for more information and to sign a child up.

"Better Bites: Healthier Concessions and snacks in your community."
Merritt Bates-Thomas, RDN, LD; Green River District Health Department

Objectives:  (1) Utilize evidence-based approaches to increase access to nutritious foods and healthy snacks for families and children by providing healthier concession stand and snack shop options through partner engagement and collaboration to achieve unusual points of contact, greater awareness, and multigenerational impact.

Physical Activity

"Fun programs that get everybody moving!"
Linda Bartley, BS; McCracken County Public Library, Youth Services Manager

Objectives:  (1) After this session, attendees should be able to develop a program that will encourage movement.  (2) Attendees should be able to recognize different ways community members can collaborate to create a program that encourages movement.  (3) Attendees should be able to give an example of the importance of play in early childhood learning.

Get Moving with Brary Presentation

“The art of exploring through failure in physical development”
Nicole “Ninja Nicole” Griffin, BS, owner of Tenacity Training

Objectives:  (1) Encourage movement for development in adolescent children.   (2) Talk about ways to shape play into productive learning opportunities.
  (3) Failure will shape adolescent’s success and enhance their life on a physical, emotional and social level.
  (4) How obstacles and Ninja Warrior training is beneficial to growth of all children!

Teaching Tenacity Presentation

"Low cost ways to create classroom environments supportive of physical activity”
Natalie C. N. Jones, MPH , Agriculture Extension Specialist for Family Health, School of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Kentucky

Objectives:  (1) Identify approaches to incorporate classroom physical activity.  (2) Identify opportunities and appropriate times to conduct classroom physical activity.  (3) Identify materials, technology, and resources to promote classroom physical activity.   (4) Identify ways to create and use classroom space for classroom physical activity.  (5) Ensure that classroom physical activity is appropriate and safe for all students by setting community safety and behavioral expectations.

Healthy Kids Summit _ PA into Classroom Presentation




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Great Ambitions

Our sincere appreciation to all COPAT members and the organizations they represented.


Action for Healthy Kids

Anthem Medicaid

Ballard County Schools

Baptist Health Paducah

Four Rivers Behavioral Health

Fulton Family Connection

Fulton County Schools

Graves County Health Department

Graves County Schools

Kentucky Care, Inc.

Mayfield Independent Schools

McCracken County Early Childhood Council

McCracken County Schools

Mercy Health

Murray Calloway County Hospital

Murray Head Start

Murray State University

Passport Health Plan

Purchase Area Development District

Purchase Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Paducah Head Start

Paducah Independent Schools

Paducah Parks

West Kentucky Community & Technical College

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Purchase Area Health Connections (PAHC) is a coalition comprised of partners from multiple entities to improve the health and well-being of individuals in the Purchase Area. Kentucky is the 8th worst state in the nation regarding adult obesity and 3rd worst for obesity rates for children between 10-17. Students who are obese are more likely than non-obese children to have lower academic scores, poorer rates of school attendance, lower self-esteem, and more hospital stays. Obesity increases the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease. Each of these diseases are in the top 10 rankings of causes of death in Kentucky. This is the first generation of children that may not outlive their parents due to obesity and obesity related issues.

PAHC board members saw the opportunity to reduce the burden of obesity in our area by applying for a planning grant to address childhood obesity. Once awarded, PAHC developed a Childhood Obesity Prevention Action Team (COPAT) recruiting new members from schools, parks and recreation, and non-profit organizations to develop a Childhood Obesity Community Action Plan.

As part of this plan, COPAT has partnered with targeted schools in the Purchase Area to gather anonymous BMI data and conduct surveys to collect information about each community.  The surveys were distributed to parents, teachers, and staff at each of the participating schools. Local businesses matched a donation so that we were able to have a drawing!

There are many resources available in our area that help to fight obesity, but many are not known by their community. The survey responses along with other means will also be used in a culturally appropriate toolkit that will be developed and provided to organizations and schools that is specific to the Purchase Area.

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