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The Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy
(KY-ASAP) was created in 2000 to develop a strategic plan to reduce the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among youth and adult populations in Kentucky and coordinate efforts among state and local agencies in the area of substance abuse prevention.


KY-ASAP has continued to evolve since its placement into the Office of Drug Control Policy in 2004. KY-ASAP continues to embrace and incorporate the philosophy of ODCP to involve the three-pronged approach of prevention, treatment and law enforcement.

During State Fiscal Year 2019, $2,478,000 was awarded to 117 KY-ASAP Local Boards as their annual funding. Additionally, Local Boards were awarded $1,372,298 in Harm Reduction funding.

A key concept of KY-ASAP is policy change. Local Boards have evolved, as envisioned, as policy makers within their communities. Many have developed initiatives for smoke-free environments and worked with school systems to provide programs to teach our youth about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. There are now 119 boards located in 120 counties of the Commonwealth.

The Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy is unique in that local boards determine their own needs for their service area. Through a strategic plan and needs assessment, the local boards identify the issues that they need to direct their dollars toward concerning tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs as related to abuse.

There are two types of boards within the structure of KY-ASAP: regional and single county boards. Seventeen of the seventy-nine local boards are regional boards with the remainder being single county boards. The regional boards are mostly associated with the high population areas of the state, with the exception of Fayette County which is a single county board. In the majority of the single county boards, the KY-ASAP funds amount to their only source to provide prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

KY-ASAP is currently being used in many of Kentucky communities as the primary component of a comprehensive drug education/prevention, treatment, and law enforcement programs. Within that three pronged approach, there are several intervention programs that have been proven to be effective and are available to schools, families and communities.

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Meetings: We meet the third Monday of every month (usually do not meet in December and we meet 2nd Monday in January due to Martin Luther King Jr. day falling on third Thursday) at Murray City Hall- 2nd floor conference room, 500 Main Street, Murray KY 42071 at 1pm


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Lauren Carr


Jenny Griffin


Vision: Reducing youth substance abuse and it’s consequences in our community while increasing recovery support for all.

Meetings: Our meetings are the 2nd Monday of every month at 9am in the United Way office on the 5th floor of the US Bank building, 333 Broadway St, Paducah, KY 42001

Chair: Kaitlyn Krolikowski,
Treasurer: Ellen Walsh,
Secretary: Cynthia Turner,
McCracken ASAP email:

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Black Patch Council


Vision:  Reduce youth substance abuse and provide adult substance abuse recovery for Caldwell, Livingston, Lyon and Trigg Counties.

Meetings: Board Meetings are quarterly and usually the 3rd Friday of February, May, August and November.  Best to check with Dave Baxter for exact meeting date.

Chair: George Radford
Vice Chair: Ellen Walsh,
Secretary/Treasurer: Dave Baxter